Sky News Hire Hungarian Camerawoman Petra Laszlo

A HUNGARIAN camera woman who was fired for deliberately tripping up a Syrian refugee carrying a child as they ran away from police near the Serbian border has been hired by Sky News today for her efforts. Petra Laszlo, working for local TV station N1TV, which is run by the anti-immigration far-right Jobbik party, was caught… Read more »

WWN TECH: Why You’re Better Off Waiting For The iPhone 9

WITH Apple expected to announce the iPhone 6s at today’s event in San Francisco, many consumers will be foaming at the mouth to buy it as soon as possible. But wait! History dictates that early adopters of new Apple technology can regret their decision, and wish they’d held off for a better product. We’ve taken… Read more »

Local Teen Embarks On Doomed Rap Career

GOING against the advice of everyone who has listened to him rap, Dunmore Road native Fiachra Drummond has officially embarked on a doomed rap career. Through a series of Snapchat stories and Facebook video posts, the 16-year-old showcased a complete lack of talent, relying heavily on the words ‘sky’, ‘high’, and ‘why’. Avoiding the more… Read more »

Farmers Enter Peak “Giving Out” Season

WITH silage season drawing to a close, farmers across the country are to spend the next 8 weeks complaining about everything before the onset of winter brings them back to their daily activities again. As the summer months are normally taken up with crop harvesting and silage cutting, and the winter is a busy time… Read more »