Mam Just Wondering When You’re Going To Get Married

WATERFORD Mother Anna Gerathy has politely inquired as to when her daughter, 29-year-old Sarah Gerathy, is planning on getting married. The genial question has been posed by Anna just 800 times this year alone, but the mother of three married daughters and one who just doesn’t seem to care, posed this latest iteration of the… Read more »

5 Must-See Documentaries On Netflix Right Now

THERE’S so many incredible, can’t-miss documentaries hiding away on Netflix that it can be a little overwhelming for the casual viewer who uses the video streaming service just to watch movies they’ve already seen and episodes of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.  If you’ve ever felt left out while friends or co-workers discuss watching “an… Read more »

Puck Fair Forced To Change Name To Puck Unfair

FOLLOWING pressure from animal rights group Aran, the Puck Fair is to formally change its name to Puck Unfair. The name change is seemingly an acknowledgement of the less than favourable treatment of the so-called ‘Puck King’ goat, who is hoisted high up in a cage for two days during the fair. “We wouldn’t class… Read more »

“And While I’m At It, Fuck ABBA”- Donald Trump

NOT content with making controversial remarks about women, the Latino community, African Americans and those on minimum wage, American presidential candidate Donald Trump has launched a scathing attack on Swedish supergroup ABBA, claiming that they could “fuck off back to Belgium”. Billionaire Trump, who has a history of strong, controversial opinions, made the statement during… Read more »

Deciphering The Gerry Adams Twitter Code

Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams published his first ever tweet on February 6th 2013, and in two and a half years he has built up a cult following on the social network of over 85,000 followers. So why is Twitter so important to the alleged ex-IRA commander? It may not be as innocent as you… Read more »