Maria Sharapova Tests Positive For Bullshit Excuses

IN yet another blow to her sporting legacy tennis star Maria Sharapova has tested positive for bullshit excuses and may face a further ban from the sport as a result. Sharapova had tested positive for a substance, meldonium, which was only added to the banned substance list in January of this year, a medicine she… Read more »

International Women’s Day Ruined By Men

THE continued existence of the planet’s men is impeding the ability of women to enjoy International Women’s Day on their own terms, WWN has learned. The section of the male half of the earth’s population that specialise in leering and fawning as well as contrary and loutish behaviour have directly contributed to ruining the one… Read more »

Uncreative Person Shares Article On Creativity

IN A desperate bid to imply she is somehow creative, Daniella Power shared yet another article on creativity today on her Facebook page, despite not actually being creative in any way at all. “Number four is so me,” she wrote, hinting that an article titled ’12 Things Creative People do All the Time’ somehow referenced… Read more »