Angelina Jolie Wears A Wedding Dress To Her Wedding

INTERNATIONAL media have reacted with awe, shock and surprise at the news that film actress, director and UN ambassador Angelina Jolie decided to wear a wedding dress to her wedding. Print media and web publications alike began trying to pour over the monumental occurrence that was Jolie’s decision to wear a dress on the day… Read more »

Flat 7-Up To Be Made Available Only With Prescription

REPRESENTATIVES of the HSE have announced plans to ban the over-the-counter sale of Flat 7-Up, making the wonder drug only available with a prescription. The move comes following fears that Flat 7-Up is being misused by large portions of the population. Available only in Ireland, Flat 7-Up is commonly used to treat a range of… Read more »

Mayo Fan Was Diagnosed With Mad Cow Disease 3 Weeks Ago

THE Mayo fan who confronted the referee in the dying moments of Saturday’s All-Ireland football semi-final replay has admitted he was diagnosed with Mad Cow Disease just three weeks ago by doctors. Big Mick Barrett, from Castlebar town, said he could not control himself after referee Cormac Reilly made some controversial calls during the game,… Read more »

Israel Just Gonna Leave Its Stuff Here For A Bit

ISRAEL has announced today that it’s just gonna leave its stuff here for a bit in Gvoat. The Jewish state is believed to be doing some refurbishments at the moment and doesn’t have anywhere else to put it. “Here looks like a great place,” said the country, as it laid down some ‘protective fencing’ around… Read more »

Worrying Increase In The Number Of Children Being Left Behind At Electric Picnic

ORGANISERS at Electric Picnic have voiced concerns today over the alarming number of children being left behind at this years festival. Cleaning up crews have so far located 134 toddlers wandering aimlessly around the Stradbally estate, with the youngest believed to be just 3-years-old. “It’s a lot worse than last year,” said contract cleaner Thomas Wade…. Read more »