Banking Inquiry Seeks Bailout For Spiralling Costs

THE CONTROVERSIAL Oireachtas banking inquiry into the financial collapse of Ireland’s banks in 2008 has requested a €12bn bailout in order for it to continue and complete its work. Members believe there is a strong chance the committee will fail to produce a final report if there is not some form of banking inquiry bailout… Read more »

TDs To Cover Nurses Shifts During Strike Action

THE Government has been forced to put all sitting TDs to work in the Nation’s A&E departments on the 15th of December after selfish nurses who have the easiest job in the world voted in favour of industrial action earlier today. The strike action has been taken by desperate nurses who experience the devastating effects… Read more »

North Korea Wondering If They Can Bomb Syria Too

A SPOKESPERSON for the Korean People’s Army has today issued a statement asking the UN and NATO forces if North Korea can bomb Syria too, in a bid to test out their military hardware. The Minister of the People’s Armed Forces, Pak Yong-sik, made the request yesterday evening in a brief detailing North Korea’s strategy… Read more »

Livid Wife Heats Up Revenge In The Microwave

A CAREFULLY orchestrated plan of revenge carried out by Carlow native Hannah Keelin involving a truly awful dinner has been executed to near perfection, WWN has learned. Sick to death of her husband Vincent and 19 long years of his antics, which generally centre around him being a complete bollocks, Hannah, 37, consulted online forums… Read more »

Record Number Of Hips Broken At U2 Concert

A SPOKEPERSON for St. John’s Ambulance service has reported a record number of broken hips, broken knees and widespread hearing damage among the 14,000 aging fans that attended the first leg of U2’s “Innocence + Experience” tour in the Three Arena last night. Medical staff were on hand all night to help the fans, many… Read more »

Ireland Confirms Addiction To Drug Companies

IN a tearful interview set to be broadcast on RTÉ television tonight, the Republic of Ireland has opened up about its ongoing battle with addiction to prescription drug companies. Although Ireland has always maintained that it had a handle on the amount of high-profile pharmaceutical drug companies it could manage, recent developments have suggested that… Read more »