10 Quirkiest Conditions Of The Good Friday Agreement

IT’S nearly 18 years since the Good Friday Agreement was signed by leaders from both sides of Northern Ireland’s political divide, bringing to an end decades of civil unrest and paramilitary activity. Conditions such as a power-sharing government, the release of political prisoners and the decommissioning of arms were caveats of the agreement, but there were… Read more »

Liverpool Fans Unsure What This Warm Happy Feeling Is

THOUSANDS of Liverpool fans have expressed concerns about a strange and unusual sensation currently spreading across their bodies, with many claiming to have ‘never felt like this before’. The symptoms, which range from feelings of elation to a breathless sense of renewed hope and optimism, are said to have begun yesterday evening, and coincided with… Read more »

Radio Presenters Wrongly Assuming Listeners Want To See Them Through Live Video

RADIO presenters up and down the country are wrongly assuming listeners want to see them through the means of live video, WWN has learned. Many local disc jockeys, who up-until-now have rightly remained out of sight, managed to further worm their way into people’s consciousness via moving imagery, played out on Facebook’s new ‘live feed’, which unfortunately allows media pages to give a real-time insight… Read more »