Human Ginger Gene Linked To Orangutan

ARE you a ginger? Do you or any of your family members have red hair? Well, if so, you may be related to one of the cleverest monkeys on the planet, the Orangutan. Scientists taking part in a study of genetic make-up at Trinity College Dublin have proved this week that red haired people directly… Read more »

Woman Frantically Trying To Recreate Fart Noise Waiting Room Chair Made

A COUNTY Waterford woman is currently trying to recreate a fart noise her chair made in a bid to prove it wasn’t gas emanating from her lower intestines via a passageway at her anus. Following the unexpected friction from her shifting weight, Cathy Davis frantically began reconstructing her previous body movements in an unsuccessful attempt to save face, leaving fellow waiting room… Read more »

Chandler Bing Killed In Yemen

AN American citizen has been killed during a bombardment of Yemen by Saudi Arabian forces, according to sources on the ground in the besieged area. The New York native had been staying at 15 Yemen Road, Yemen, when the area was hit with artillery following the collapse of the UN-led peace negotiations at the weekend. Dozens… Read more »