Cafe In Cork Awards Itself Mitchelstown Star

A CORK based cafe was celebrating a huge milestone after being awarded a prodigious Mitchelstown Star for excellence in food. Owner and proprietor of the Rebel Yell Cafe, Eoin Nally said he was proud but not the least bit surprised. “No, it was no surprise, sure I awarded it to myself like,” Nally explained as… Read more »

Perfectly Sane Man In Charge Of Country’s Nuclear Arms

THE world has been offered a timely reminder that its fate lies in the hands of perfectly sane people, who just so happen to also possess nuclear warheads. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netenyahu made the headlines after politely explaining to the world that Hitler was not the chief architect of an attempted extermination of Jewish… Read more »

The Incredible True Story of Ireland’s First Nacho

WHILE the humble Mexican snack now seems a delicious staple in modern Ireland that we take for granted, the story of how the first nachos were transported to Ireland is rarely discussed, but it is a remarkable feat of Irish determination and ingenuity. Single-handedly dragging Irish urbane existence away from the ham and cabbage days… Read more »

Faithless Running Out Of Ways To Remix Insomnia

A SPOKESPERSON for nineties dance group Faithless has announced that the band may be on the verge of implosion ahead of this Summer’s upcoming tour, following the realisation that they’re running out of ways to remix their biggest hit “Insomnia”. Band members Sister Bliss, Maxi Jazz and Rollo, possibly not their real names, soared to fame… Read more »