Seven Things You Can Do To Help Aleppo

A BITTER civil war rages on with no end in sight. Conflicting accounts of the horrors endured by innocent civilians on the ground. Harrowing, first hand accounts of a litany of barbarous acts carried out on men, women and children. These visceral and heart wrenching things may have lead you to think to yourself ‘what… Read more »

POLL: Should Anna Kendrick Be Executed After Mispronouncing Some Irish Person’s Name?

IN a crime which evoked memories of similarly barbaric acts against a downtrodden people, Hollywood actress Anna Kendrick mispronounced the name of an Irish actress you have quite possibly never heard of before today. Pronouncing the name Balfe as ‘Bal-fi’ instead of ‘Bal-fuh’ has been called this generation of Irish people’s Famine. A Nuremberg-style trial… Read more »

‘Dancing With The Stars’ To Be Renamed ‘Dancing’

FOLLOWING complaints to the advertising standards regulator in the wake of the announcement of the line-up for the upcoming RTÉ show ‘Dancing With The Stars’,  Donnybrook chiefs have agreed to re-title the show ‘Dancing’ to avoid lawsuits. Dubbed ‘the most original programme idea RTÉ has had in years’, the re-worked version of the hit BBC… Read more »

Could You Just Fucking Not, Women Tell Men

“NOT today, please,” women confirmed in unison as they pleaded with men to ‘just fucking not, for once’. While the details are scant, it is believed men know full well what the female portion of the planet were alluding to when they asked men to ‘just fucking not’. The request was uttered at a low… Read more »