Nationwide Optimism Reaching Italia 90 Levels

A NEW survey carried out has found that optimism levels surrounding Ireland’s European Championship games have already reached ‘Italia 90 levels’, and are set to continue right through to Ireland’s very last game. The survey, carried out by a team of optimism experts, showed a staggering increase in the number of delusional Irish football supporters… Read more »

Jeremy Kyle Aftercare Team Arrive At Leinster House

A TEAM of negotiation experts who specialise in broken relationships has arrived at Leinster House this evening in a bid to form a government between Fianna Fail and Fine Gael. Jeremy Kyle’s infamous ‘aftercare team’ are expected to sit down with both party leaders, in one last attempt at uniting the factions. “This will be… Read more »

Local Woman Looks Nothing Like Her Passport Photo

A LISMORE woman is causing a sensation with news that her passport photo looks nothing like her, WWN can exclusively reveal. While the reasons behind the occurrence are widely speculated on, few passport photo experts can agree on just why Joanne Pierce looks nothing like her passport photo. “She’s not a bad looking woman, but… Read more »

5 Salads That Take Just Minutes

HOT or cold, there’s nothing quite like a salad! They’re tasty, and quick to make. Plus you can have basically anything in them. Here’s our 5 favourites! 1: Bagged chicken and spice Ingredients: chipped potatoes, peppers, onion, chicken, seasonings. Cook the chipped potatoes and the chicken, then toss all in a container and mix for… Read more »

GREAT NEWS! Nate Diaz’ Grandparents Were Irish

FANS of the UFC in Ireland were offered a reprieve from the revelation yesterday that Conor McGregor would not be taking part in the mixed martial arts group’s 200 event. In what has been an emotional rollercoaster week for McGregor supporters, an unlikely hero has come forward in the form of Nate Diaz, who was… Read more »