Irishwoman Spends €25,000 On Party For Herself

After sending out intricate invites that required a cartographer to understand, Siobhan Cahill (29) finally threw a lavish party for herself. Siobhan made sure to give as many as 5 months notice to 200 of her closest friends and family. Close to 150 people responded to Siobhan’s request that they celebrate her as a person… Read more »

Mourinho: “I Won’t Play Mind Games, Or Will I?”

JOSE MOURINHO held court in front of a giddy football press core at one of his last pre-season press conferences before the start of the new season. Chelsea, like many other Premier League teams, were competing in friendly matches in far flung corners of the planet to spread the message of extensive merchandise available to… Read more »

Santa Shot Down Inside Syrian Airspace

U.S. INTELLIGENCE has confirmed this evening that Santa Claus was shot down at 16:09 GMT by by Syrian forces while flying inside Syrian airspace, American officials have said. The CIA said the unarmed sleigh registered to one Mr. Claus was not delivering arms to Syrian rebels, but was actually delivering Christmas presents to children at… Read more »