RTÉ Admit Ryan Tubridy Action Figures ‘A Mistake’

SENIOR RTÉ staff have exclusively admitted to WWN that their decision to launch a Ryan Tubridy action figure was misguided and ‘a mistake’. Initially retailing at €300 per unit, RTÉ had given the green light to produce over 200,000 Tubridy action figures. “We wrongly thought it would be a big seller ahead of Christmas,” explained… Read more »

WWN’s Guide To Ireland’s Corporate Tax Loopholes

AS OECD director Angel Gurria suggests Ireland is being ‘used’ by multi-national companies, WWN takes a close look at these mysterious loopholes they avail of and tell you all you need to know. 1. It is worse than experts could have predicted, much of Dublin’s Grand Canal area has been engulfed by a mysterious loophole… Read more »

Obama Orders Airstrikes On Ebola

PRESIDENT Barack Obama told Americans today that he has authorised U.S. airstrikes for the first time in Africa in a broad escalation of a campaign against the Ebola virus. Mr. Obama said the United States is ready to take leadership for a global response to the deadly Ebola virus that is ravaging Liberia in West… Read more »

Ireland Opens New 17th Century Mental Health Facility

THE GOVERNMENT has welcomed their own decision to open a brand new 17th century mental health facility in an unsuitable location somewhere. The facility was opened via a ceremonial ribbon cutting to which no expert in the field of mental health was invited, although a world record for high fives and back slapping was set… Read more »

Sky Sports Buy Birthplace Of GAA At Auction

BREAKING NEWS coming from the Allsop auction of 230 properties suggest that Sky Sports have controversially bought Hayes’s Hotel in Tipperary, the birthplace of the GAA. The GAA was founded on the site in 1884 and had a guiding price of €500,000 but the BSKYB owned Sky Sports sealed the deal for £500,000 after they… Read more »