Rural Areas Need Porn Too, Say Broadband Campaigners

ALMOST three quarters of a million people in rural areas are without access to stunning HD lesbo MILFs and other similar pornographic content, claim campaigners for better broadband across Ireland. The statement comes after the government admitted that delays to the long-awaited National Broadband Plan meant that people living outside the larger towns in Ireland… Read more »

Syringes, Used Condoms, Empty Vodka Bottles, Blood: Inside The 61 Day Session At Leinster House

AFTER two months without a government, following one of the most diverse general elections in decades, Leinster House is now a shadow of its former self, with a clean-up operation costing well into the millions of euros. We get an access-all-areas look at the damage caused by unruly politicians under a caretaker government. Once decorated… Read more »

Food Safety Authority Shuts Down Nando’s For Failing To Adhere To New Cheeky Guidelines

THE country’s Nando’s restaurants have all been ordered to close their doors by the Food Safety Authority (FSA) after failing a routine cheeky check up. “We’d warned them countless times, chicken shouldn’t be that cheeky. Yet our social media monitoring team was inundated with a barrage of people reporting that they were going for a… Read more »

Wife Keeps Using Husband’s Pet Name In Public

DESPITE pleas for her to stop, one Waterford woman has continually addressed her husband by his embarrassing pet name while out in public, including instances when he was with his mates and even his boss. Although Karen Hamilton has insisted that she doesn’t use his pet name on purpose, this is of scant consolation to… Read more »