Shocking Footage Shows Unprivileged Teenagers Having Fun

A TEENAGE boy who is assumed to be from an unprivileged background has been caught red handed by the Irish media having fun in the river Liffey, despite large numbers of unsuspecting professionals making their way around the city. The despicable footage shows the boy, who should have been in school or something, jumping from… Read more »

Stuck Up Couple Only Invite You To Afters Of Wedding

A FRANKLY despicable couple from the Waterford area have outraged a number of friends and acquaintances, including you, by extending an invite to just the afters of their upcoming wedding. “Invite might as well just say ‘fuck you’, the stuck up fuckers,” shared an angry and livid you, unable to contain your shock and hurt… Read more »

5 Sneakiest Women Of All Time

AMBER Heard; boy, there’s a sneaky bitch. The actress and woman recently filed for divorce from her famous husband Johnny Depp®, sporting an oh-so-convenient bruise on her face to help with those domestic abuse claims. Depp’s friends and supporters leaped to his defence, taking to the internet to confirm what the majority of men believed… Read more »