7 Out Of 10 Irish Women ‘Can’t Even’

A NEW report published today had confirmed a long held suspicion of many young people in Ireland. As the modern landscape of society keeps evolving toward being fully dominated by lists of things, inspiring stories and cute animal videos as many as 7 out of 10 Irish women ‘can’t even’. ‘Can’t even’ is the scientific… Read more »

Whole Waiting Room Enjoying African Woman’s Phone Call

ABSOLUTELY everybody waiting in Dr. Meaghars surgery in Cork city today were said to be enjoying Zimbabwe native Susan Dhliwayo’s forty minute phone call to a friend. The mother of four children, who were now drawing on National Geographic books in the waiting room, began the call shortly after entering the building. Approaching reception, Mrs…. Read more »

Farmers Report Bumper Crop Of Mail Order Brides This Year

RURAL bachelors attending this year’s Ploughing Championships in Stradbally have reported a bumper crop of mail order brides, claiming that there should be enough to provide for whoever wants one this year. The imported brides will hopefully make up for the shortfall of homegrown wives over the past hundred years, where reclusive and socially inept… Read more »

Renewed Calls To Ban Nun Habits In Public Places

IRISH politicians will today discuss the outright ban on nun habits in public places in a bid to clamp down on Catholic fundamentalists. The proposed law, which will ban the wearing of a nun’s habit in certain designated areas, is enormously popular with the Irish public, but unfortunately, as with France’s banning of the burqa, has received… Read more »