‘Filled’ Tortilla Wrap Mostly Just Tortilla

COLLEGE student Kevin Matthews was left feeling disappointed today after purchasing a €3.99 ‘filled’ wrap, only to find it was mostly made of rolled up tortilla bread. “Filled me fuckin’ hole boi!” exclaimed Matthews upon biting into his mostly floury based lunch. “Robbin’ bastards! I can’t believe I spent four quid on this shit”. The… Read more »

A Monster Five-Foot Rodent Found In County Tyrone

A MONSTER five-foot long rat has been found swimming in the Irish media for the past fortnight, and it’s looking for a good home. The vermin, a Caucasian Christian bigot, was reported to be dwelling in West Tyrone, Northern Ireland. It is believed to be the worst of its kind found in recent years. Nicknamed ‘Susan’ by… Read more »