Lad On Bus Gets Random Erection Just Before His Stop

WWN understands that earlier today a Dublin man was treated for shock following an incident involving his erection. Patrick Dooley, a 22 year-old DIT student, was on the 16 bus heading out of town when the disturbing incident occurred. Eye witness accounts state that Patrick seemed to look around nervously as the bus approached the… Read more »

Some Nutcase Still Hasn’t Got Around To Eating Their Easter Eggs

Disturbing scenes were witnessed by staff at the head offices of Xpress Delivery in Waterford earlier today. WWN has learned that Xpress Delivery employee, Lauren Traynor, informed her co-workers that she still hasn’t got around to eating her Easter eggs. “She just sort of blurted it out,” explained uneasy Xpress employee Darragh Little, “and I… Read more »

England Name 23 Men To Blame For World Cup Failure

IN the aftermath of the conclusion of the Premier League race the football world focused its attention on the announcement of those responsible for England’s upcoming World Cup failure. The occasion was not without its casualties as a number of high profile players got the unfortunate news that they would be on the plane to… Read more »

Confusion Over As ‘Miserable Weather Outside’ Confirmed By Old Woman In Post Office

TENS of confused people were said to be ‘alleviated’ today after an elderly woman confirmed there was ‘miserable weather outside’ whilst waiting in a queue for the post office. Sources say many customers were disorientated when they initially entered the building; not knowing what the hell was happening outside. “I remember having my umbrella up… Read more »

RTE Urge Panti To Grow A Beard In Time For Next Years Eurovision

RTE chiefs have already started preparing for next year’s Eurovision song contest with a plan to emulate this year’s winning entry, which saw Austrian “bearded lady” Conchita Wurst emerge victorious with the song “Rise Like A Phoenix”. Having failed to make it out of the semi-finals this year, reports suggest that Donnybrook officials want to… Read more »