Grown Man Insists On Dressing Up As A Footballer Every Weekend

THIRTY TWO year old father of two Daniel Corcoran once again donned his full Liverpool strip in some bizarre retreat into an adolescent mindset. His wife Ciara was once again left dumbfounded when her usually intelligent, bright and self-deprecating husband chose to dress up as a footballer on Saturday afternoon. Daniel, a self-confessed ‘life long… Read more »

The Secret Minister – Operation Smokescreen

I don’t know if it was the being assaulted by pensioners live on national TV outside Leinster House or the encouraging Young Fine Gael to attack the US Embassy in response to spying allegations but I think An Taoiseach may be questioning my abilities as a government minister. The chief whip had called to inform… Read more »

Nigerian Prince Says He Is For Real This Time

Controversial Nigerian Prince Adebayo Achebe II has spoken exclusively to WWN about the scams that made him a household name and how he is turning over a new leaf. “It is true, I owe the people, the many people apologies,” offered the Prince, “I lied about business opportunities, about being kidnapped. You name it, I… Read more »

All Books To Come As Movies Now

At a hastily assembled press conference yesterday in Hollywood leading figures from the movie and publishing worlds announced details of a new deal. In response to extensive market research carried out on behalf of Hollywood’s elite producers it has been decided that from now on every novel currently being written will be turned into a… Read more »