Putin Finally Admits It Was Wrong To Pose For Photo With Conor McGregor


ON THE anniversary of his military invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin is finally ready to apologise but not for the reprehensible crimes related to his ‘special military operation’.

“I should have known better, I should have done research into who he was before agreeing to a photo,” a regretful Putin said today as his critics once more brought up the photo that continues to haunt him more than the brutal massacres of Ukrainian innocents, his 2018 World Cup final photo with Conor McGregor.

“I’m not one who finds it easy to apologise or admit a mistake or a war crime but on this occasion I couldn’t in all good conscience continue to act like this photo was something to be proud of,” admitted Putin.

“If I had known of his behaviours, the accusations against him and how shit his whiskey was, would I have posed with him? No, 100% not. Did you see that Steve Jobs whiskey ad thing he did? Cringe. More cringy that my speeches where I paint myself as the victim,” conceded Putin, in a rare moment of genuine contrition.

While many people have been waiting years for him to admit fault for a number of things including his crackdown on LGBT rights, jailing of political rivals and countless killings, some say the McGregor apology is enough.

“It seems like a small gesture but it means a lot to me,” said one Irish person who has been maintaining McGregor was a ‘dose’ ever since he first set eyes on him.