Nation Vows Not To Let Sight Of Queues Of Ambulances In North Put It Off Enjoying The Crimbo


AS TOUGH TO watch scenes unfold in the car parks of hospitals north of the border, those in the 26 counties have stressed that they won’t let the scenes dampen their Christmas.

“Ambulances queuing at overwhelmed hospitals – it’d drive ya to tears but I’m just glad I’ll be around my close family, distant cousins, neighbours, friends, old college mates and colleagues over the Crimbo, when you see stuff like that it reminds you of what’s really important,” confirmed one member of the public who has vowed to make the most of Christmas, a time when Covid-19 takes its two weeks annual leave.

Rather than take it as a potential sign of where the entire island of Ireland’s health services could be in mid January after weeks of people throwing all caution and guidelines out the window, many members of the public pointed out that throwing guidelines out the window means they are outdoors in the open air where the risk of contracting or spreading Covid-19 is reduced.

“I’ll hug my elderly mam and dad a little tighter tonight after watching that on the news, I’ll tell you that for nothing,” shared another person.

“The figures and trends here a much different, I don’t think we need to worry,” added another person, who can’t remember the last time he was bothered reading about Ireland’s Covid-19 rates.

Elsewhere, committed and die hard Dublin based 32-county Republican Eoin Canney has declared the border should be closed the second ‘any of those Covid-coughing Nordies even think about asking for help’.