Daniel O’Donnell’s Virginity To Be Auctioned Off For Charity


IN A BID to raise much needed money for a variety of worthy causes country singing man Daniel O’Donnell is set to auction off his virginity at a Donegal auction later this month.

The auction, which will also see the singer sell less appealing items such as his house, his car, and his entire back catalogue, is rumoured to have a reserve of €10,000 for the item of O’Donnell’s virginity although experts expect it to go for much more than that.

“There will be plenty of offers and competition for this item we suspect, some local bingo players are reportedly pooling their financial resources for this one,” explained one auctioneer from Christie’s of London.

“Although it will be hard to compete with the bank balances of several Saudi princes who have shown a real interest in this lot too,” added the auctioneer.

The auction, which will take place directly after a weekly cattle market, is a must for any self-respecting O’Donnell fan.

“We’re all just giddy with excitement, oh my God wee Daniel is such a treasure, it’s so nice of him to auction it off like that. I’m already putting aside all the pennies I have haha,” shared O’Donnell superfan, Alan Hendricks, nightclub bouncer.