WWN Guide To Fiddling With Kids


ALTHOUGH frowned upon by society, many people are quite fond of the sound of young children practicing the violin. Whether you’re an experienced violin teacher yourself, or your musical tastes are on the more unconventional side, fiddling with children might be right up your street. Here’s a few tips if you want to give it a go:

1) Find kids to fiddle with

You can’t just stand up on the bus one day and say ‘hey kids, do any of you play the violin?’… that would be creepy. Instead, try and do a quick online search to find some places where kids go to practice, perhaps there’s a music teacher in your area, where you can park outside and listen to them struggle their way through a tricky arrangement. Or you could pretend to be a kid that wants to play violin, and get the children to send you clips of them? Parents rarely monitor their children online so you’re safe enough here.

2) Make it a secret

So you’ve brought your violin along to a raucous fiddling session with some gifted youngsters. It’s time to make sure you can keep this going! Tell the kids that they shouldn’t tell their parents, friends or teachers anything about the strange man who fiddles with them. This is just your little secret. Kids never talk to their parents anyway, so you should be safe enough, but this is a good precaution.

3) Set up an organisation where you’re trusted

If you’re a figure of authority in the community, then people will be less inclined to think that you’re fiddling with kids in your spare time. Perhaps you’re a member of a religious organisation, or a coach or teacher of some sort… the more people respect you the more fiddling you’ll get away with. And if your fiddling is exposed, then you can just get moved to a new town and start all over again. Grab them violins!