​This Irish College Student Is Auctioning Off His Virginity To Pay For His Studies


AN IRISH teenager is auctioning off his virginity in a bid to pay for his college studies and claims to have already received an offer of €23.19.

Fiachra Roche, 19, says he was offered the ‘four-figure sum’ after photographs of him circulated online, and that he is holding out for a more substantial offer before parting with his virginity.

“Some lad called John emailed me with the offer just a month after I originally posted the advert to my Facebook page,” Fiachra told WWN, who admitted to be still mulling over the fee. “I’m gonna hold out for a little bit longer as my original intention was for a female to break me in, but look, I’m not fussy, just as long as I get enough to pay my college fees – I don’t care if they’re doing the sticking in or not”.

The Offaly man, who repeated his leaving certificate last year in order to get the 180 points needed for his forestry course in WIT, said he has been struggling to make ends meet, with books for college and soaring rent leaving him with very little expendable income to survive on.

“My parent’s income was just over the threshold for me to get an education grant, so now I have to fork out three grand every year to study,” he explained, “I suppose the problem is that my virginity can only be given away once, so I need to make it count financially for this to work”.

The full-time son-of-two revealed that he has kept the auction from his parents as he is scared the revelation would ’embarrass them’.

“I’m sure they won’t hear about any of this despite the vast media attention I have received, and I’m confident that this whole thing will never come back to haunt me or affect my future prospects,” Fiachra concluded.