Revealed: The Price Paid For This Doorway Sleeping Spot


DESPITE the news that a penthouse Dublin apartment has been sold for a whopping €6.5million, there’s another property in Ireland that has gone for a far greater price, as WWN Property found out today.

Located in Cork city, the roadside spot has already gone for the ultimate price at least twice, with two members of the same family giving everything they had for the spacious, al-fresco pad.

The spot is similar to many properties in Dublin city and indeed many other towns around the country, with hundreds, if not thousands of potential owners waiting to be part of an increasingly less-exclusive gang of people who have paid it all for the address.

“So this step right here is very like the one which became available in Cork over the weekend,” said one real estate expert, pointing at what might appear to the layman as an ordinary doorstep.

“Dimensions are about the same, there’s about the same amount of heating, the energy rating is basically identical. Cold in the winter, warm in the summer, wet in the rain, lethal in the frost. There are a practically unlimited supply of these available, even in your own town… the cost is pretty extreme, but a lot of people are paying it. Who said the boom would never return, eh? From where I’m standing, it never went away”.

For more details about the property, you can click HERE.