BREAKING: Kevin The Carrot Arrested Over Baby Carrot Images


VEGETABLE celebrity Kevin the Carrot has reportedly been arrested by London police this morning in a dawn raid after hundreds of lewd images of baby carrots were found on his phone after leaving it on a train yesterday evening.

Scotland Yard raided the Aldi ad star’s home at 7am this morning while acting on a search warrant.

Mr. Carrot’s PC and various other devices were also seized in the dawn raid and will be investigated by a police computer forensic team, who specialise in baby carrot pornography.

“Mr. Carrot did not reply when the charges were brought against him,” arresting officer John Stapleton told WWN, “on further investigation, we found thousands more  indecent images of baby carrots in his bedroom, many of whom were naked and forced into clear glass jars for perverts to get off on,” adding, “In all my years working as a detective, this is one of the worst cases I’ve seen”.

Aldi have since pulled all their Christmas adverts containing the vegetable, and are expected to make a statement on the arrest later today.

Kevin the Carrots new onscreen wife Katie, who was to feature in this year’s campaign, said she was absolutely shocked at the news, stating she had no idea that he was a sexual predator who preyed on innocent young vegetables.

“He was always so nice and professional to me and the crew,” she said, “I’m sick to my leaves thinking about those poor baby carrots shoved into those glass jars like that. It’s a sick world”.

Kevin the Carrot is currently being questioned at Scotland yard and is expected to be charged with distribution and possession of the baby carrot images.

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