“I Hotspot 4, Maybe 5 People At One Time”, Student Legend ‘Hotspot Hackett’ Reveals All


STORIES about college legends are few and far between in Ireland, but for one lucky Institute of Technology, a legend was not only born, he is now lecturing his own peers on how to become potential legends too using only the power of his phone and network provider.

“Credit gone and you need to mail your assignment to the lecturer before 11am? No problem,” insists WIT business student, Jason Hackett.

We met Hackett in the college foyer while he was handing out hotspot passwords, surrounded by panicked looking students with their heads firmly in their screens.

“Check out poor Carmel over there,” the grandson of four pointed to a teary-eyed girl with puffy eyes, “just 10 minutes ago her life was literally over after realising she left her going out clothes on the kitchen table and had no credit to ‘ring the lads’ to bring it in on their way, but luckily I was on hand to hotspot her. Now she’s 70 minutes away from finishing lectures for the day and heading out on the piss, all thanks to yours truly”.

The 23-year-old first began hotspotting at the age of 16, calmly passing off the fact as if it was nothing.

“I learned it from a YouTube video,” Hackett explains, now swapping power packs on his phone, “before I knew it, I was hotspotting four, maybe five people at one time. By the time I hit college I already had the nickname ‘hotspot Hackett’; I don’t mind, it’s what I do”.

The Carlow man says he could have as much as three or four hundred students on his network in the space of 24 hours, putting his success rate down to a carefully researched data plan from his mobile phone provider.

“There are other lads in here charging 2 euro a pop for hotspotting, but that’s not me, man, that’s not how I roll,” he concluded.

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