​BREAKING: Limerick Man Swears He Didn’t Invite Facebook Friend To Messenger There


A LIMERICK city man has denied any accountability after a conversation with one of his Facebook friends ended with an impromptu invite to the social network’s messenger phone application.

According to the Facebook message, James Tobin, (52), who lives on the Ballysimon road, allegedly invited long-time friend Denis Carberry to the chat, despite it being already downloaded onto his phone.

“We were chatting on Facebook messenger for a good ten minutes when i ended the conversation with a like,” Mr. Tobin swears on his mother’s life, “next thing I know, it invites him to messenger, despite being on the thing for years and me actually never inviting him. The whole thing is bizarre”.

A further investigation into the incident suggested the invite seemingly came from Tobin’s phone, forcing his friend to take his word for it.

“I know James a long time now and I don’t think he would lie to me like that,” insisted Carberry, who admitted to feeling a little awkward about the whole thing, “like, if he did accidentally invite me, then fine, but why would he deny making a mistake like that? I’m not sure how to feel about it, if I’m honest. Am I just supposed to carry on like it was nothing?

“What if he did do it on purpose?” he added, “what else could he be lying about”.

When asked about the invite, Facebook refused to make any comment.

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