​ REVEALED: Leaked Tom Cruise Auditing Documents From The Church Of Scientology


WHISTLEBLOWER website Whisper Leaks has today released some 36,000 documents reportedly taken from auditing sessions carried out by the church of scientology on American actor Tom Cruise.

In what is being called the biggest breach of information from the religious order to date, thousands of questions and answers about Mr. Cruise’s life were made public, sending the church into a meltdown and forcing its leader to call a full scale investigation into the leak.

Among the handwritten notes which were recorded only last year, Cruise was asked by the auditor ‘has a withhold been missed?’, meaning have you done anything you don’t want known about, to which the Hollywood actor replied “Last week a butterfly flew into my house without permission. I was livid. Don’t get me wrong, I like butterflies, but not when they break into my home and make that fluttering noise. It’s very rude, so I went to the kitchen and took off all my clothes and lathered my body in olive oil – butterflies hate olive oil – and then proceeded to chase the butterfly around the room. It landed on the curtain rail, but I was too small to reach him. That’s when I gave up. He’s still there. I don’t use that room anymore, it’s ruined now”.

In another bizarre session, the auditor asked the 55-year-old if he recalled a time he felt affinity for someone.

“I was watching He-man And The Masters Of The Universe at home one day and I got aroused by the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, Kuduk Ungol – there, I’ve said it”.

“The cartoon?” the auditor asked.

“Yes, the cute chick with the blue and white eagle head thing. I couldn’t get her out of my mind, so I rang DC comics to see if I could meet the woman who did the voice over”.

“And what happened?”

“She was very old, so sex was out, but I did invite her back to mine to play with some action figures for a while. I was He-man or course. Nice woman”.

In one lengthy session, the auditor asked Cruise “Do you have an ARC break?”, which is scientology speak for ‘is there something you’re upset about?’

“Dinosaurs, man! Those fucking things were huge. Did you see the size of them? Why are they so big?”

“Dinosaurs upset you?”

“Yes, all the fucking time. Animals can’t grow that big on earth because the gravity is too strong. They would fall down in a heap. So, the earth must have had less gravity at one time, right? The earth must have been less dense than it is today for the gravity to allow such beasts”

“Am, I’m not sure, Tom. But please, do go on”.

“No man, it’s a fucking lie and someone, somewhere fucked up. Elephants? Is that it, huh? Is that the biggest we’ve got right now? Who’s not doing their job?”

“Well, Tom, Whales are bigger than elephants”.

“Jesus christ man, that’s because of the water. Dinosaurs didn’t have water. The earth was smaller, something like that, goddamn it. How can they not ask these questions? Who’s hiding what. Someone messed up bad on that one.

“Is there anything else upsetting you?”

“When can I see my daughter again?”

“As we said before Tom: when you’re ready”.


Whispers Leaks is expected to release another 57,000 auditing session documents over the coming weeks.