5 Common Dreams, And What They Mean


AN intense, vivid dream will always have its roots in some deep part of your personality. The images and sensations conjured up by our subconscious can give you a key insight into your mind and how it works, so it’s important to know what your dreams represent. Here are 5 common dreams, and what they say about you:

1) Flying

If you dream of flight, this means that there’s something sexually wrong with you. Something that you’re lying to yourself about, something that you wish you could just run with, and soar into the air. So yeah, maybe take a look at that.

2) Teeth falling out

This again speaks volumes about you, from a sexual point of view. Dreams of dentistry, false teeth, or just teeth falling out of your head all point to some dark, wierd sexual urge that you have. Wierdo.

3) Digging in the ground

Dude, we’re serious here, if you dream about digging up clay, stones or sand, then stay the fuck away from us. That’s some pretty freaky sex shit right there. Maybe don’t mention it in public. Don’t rock up to the canteen at work and be like ‘oh man, I had this dream last night where I dug this really big hole’… your co-workers will report you to HR.

4) Typing

Guess what? That’s a sexual dream too. It couldn’t be any more sexual if it tried. If you were to say you had a dream where you were lying in a bathtub full of eels while you stuck sausages up your bum, we’d say ok, fair enough, you’re probably worried about an upcoming trip. But you tell us you dreamt about typing? We’re here like okay, calm down there Caligula.

5) Taking an exam

Get the fuck out of here before we call the cops.