Local Man Transferring Feelings For Therapist Onto Second Therapist


A WATERFORD CITY man finds himself in a conflicted state after realising he is transferring the feelings he has developed for his therapist to a new and second therapist.

David Horanne, 33, had sought the help of a therapist after several break ups and found himself in the position of transferring the feelings he felt for his former girlfriends onto his therapist.

“I know, I mean what a cliche,” explained Horanne, “but, I hear it’s fairly common”.

Complications arose recently when Horanne sought out the help of a second therapist and began the transference process once again.

“Well, obviously I got a separate therapist so I could tell them all the things I was lying to my first therapist about,” Horanne admitted, “it’s not easy mistakenly transferring the feelings I had for a few women into my therapist and then repeating that all again with another therapist. I’m exhausted”.

“But before you knew it, I was all like ‘I love you’, I don’t know how to tell my original therapist. And who can I turn to and talk about it, a third therapist? C’mon, I’m neurotic, but I’m not a rich neurotic,” Horanne added.

Horanne went on to admit that he felt guilty for cheating on his first therapist, but gave no indication that he would stop seeing his new one.