Photo Of Muslim Acting Like A Human Being Goes Viral


“OH MY GOD, he’s just like one of us,” one online commentator wrote in a bid to sum up a viral photograph of a Muslim man helping a normal human being with her shopping bags.

The unnamed man, who was wearing those traditional clothes that they wear, was snapped reaching out to pensioner Doris Partridge as she struggled to make her way down a busy London tube station staircase with her dog, as her white peers with a normal faith brushed past her.

“At first I thought he was going to snap her neck like a twig, so I made sure to have my camera ready,” photographer John Tate told WWN, who just happened to be following the man for several hours, “then, to my utter surprise, he actually reached out with his own hands in a gesture of help, like he was compassionate. I initially hesitated to take the picture as it wasn’t the shot I was hoping for, but someone knocked my elbow and I hit the shutter button by mistake.

“I’m kind of glad now I did as all the newspapers are lapping it up,” he added.

Since uploading the picture to his Facebook page, the post has been shared 300,000,000 times, while also changing thousands of people’s opinions on the Muslim community.

“It’s like he’s a normal person helping out another normal person, and he’s oblivious to everything bad that his kind are doing across the world,” one middle-aged white man with a smug sense of superiority tweeted along with the hashtag #TheyreOkayNow.

Himler37 wrote: “Myself and my friends were going to petrol bomb the local Mosque later tonight, but after witnessing this piece of humanity, we’ll probably hold off on that idea for a week or so. Or even wait until whenever they attack us again”.

It is still unclear whether the Muslim man simply forgot that he was a Muslim, or whether he simply just broke rank in some sort of defiance to his own religion.

A team of experts currently studying the photograph confirmed that the image was not doctored in any way and believe the man to be an actual Muslim, and not some kind of actor trying to fool everyone into a false sense of security.

“You have to always question when something seems too good to be true,” image expert Stephen Sparks explains, “this photograph seems to be genuine and goes to show that these people can sometimes appear to be humans too”.