Do You Remember Doing The Leaving Cert? Oh My God! So Do We!



Only around 50,000 people every year sit ‘the Leavo’ in Ireland, it’s just so rare to find someone else who has also done it too. Kindred spirits.

English paper 1 and/or 2, am I right? Wait, wait, wait… maths? Fuck, us too!

We trawled social media to find tweets to embed, memes and statuses to screengrab to use for an article on the Leaving Cert, but we were all out of luck, like, it seems like it’s just you and us, pal. We wish more people shared this experience with us, as we’ve so many memories which are definitely genuine and not just some cheap attempt to use nostalgia and continue to infantilize ourselves. D’ya remember the weather was really good when we did exams? No, shut up, it didn’t rain.

When did you do the Leaving? Shit! Us too! Did it have all those questions and then you had to answer them and shit? God, we remember that too, this is so weird. Mind twins!

Let’s take a guess: did you either love or hate the experience? Woah, us too. Insert inane gif here!

Medium to large scale exam halls? You’re shitting us, we thought we were the only ones. Generally obvious observation about exams? It’s like you’re reading our MINDS!

Y’know, it’s kind of sad that no one talks about this stuff, it’s like all knowledge of this is being suppressed by a shadowy network of Leaving Cert-deniers. But not us, we remember and we’re not afraid to risk our necks by openly speaking about it!