Has George Clooney Been Unfaithful? Fuck Knows, But It’s Fun To Speculate


WWN VIRAL is at the forefront of breaking celeb news yet again and we’re delighted to announce old Georgey is dipping his wick elsewhere and Amal is either one of the following things; DEVASTATED, DISGUSTED, HEARTBROKEN, FRAIL, WEAK or OUTRAGED and LIVID. Don’t believe us? We wrote it in all caps for Christ sake. You can trust WWN Viral on this one.

And to think Amal is expecting the couple’s first child or children, we can’t remember!

We’ve got fuck all facts to back us up here, but join us for a moment as we speculate as to why this love rat cheated, like all men do.

What do we know? We’re a small publishing outfit based in a non-descript Dublin industrial estate. How could we possibly have the scoop on this stuff? But, look, it’s fun to speculate, isn’t it? Go on, give it a try. Ignore all the obvious signs that we’re talking out of our arse and have no way of knowing, and just go with us on this. Cloon has been chasing some poon.

Who would he give his fuck trumpet to if he was going to do the nasty, our money is on Charlize Theron. Have we evidence to back up our hunch? Fuck no, but we’re really enjoying this regardless. Did you know that George and Charlize were pictured in the general vicinity of North America at roughly the same time in the past 12 months? Oh George, you can’t help yourself, can you?

Or no, maybe it’s someone much younger, like Selena Gomez or a Jenner, that would be just typical of George Clooney, a middle aged man going through a midlife crisis or something. Sad and pitiful George you had it all, and now you probably still have it all, unless of course you cheated, you bastard.

If smart and successful Amal can’t keep a hold of her man, what chance do the rest of us have, huh?