US/Russian Relations Sour Further As Putin Refuses To Open Snapchat From Obama


IN the clearest indication yet that US/Russian relations may be at an all-time low post-Cold War, Russian leader Vladimir Putin is staunchly refusing to open a Snapchat he received from his US counterpart Barack Obama.

“If Putin opens it, it’s a poor political play. It shows he’s curious, interested in what Obama has to say. By not opening it, he’s telling Obama and the world that he has something better to do with his time,” explained app and politics expert Morgan Wilde.

A number of Snapchat users have become heavily invested in the ongoing brinkmanship between the two superpowers who are locked in a series of countermeasures in Syria, which have left lives of innocent civilians in the balance and with rumours persisting that Putin hasn’t looked at any Western leaders’ Snapchat stories in weeks, the outlook is bleak.

“Oh, shit, I didn’t realise it was all this serious,” said one Snapchat user, who had finally begun to understand the full extent of the deterioration of the diplomatic relationship.

“It’s one thing to be squabbling over Aleppo, and accusations of war crimes, but it really hits home when it’s played out on my favourite app,” added Snapchat user Ciaran Bergin.

However, some political commentators have urged people not to read too much into the exchange.

“Look, who knows what the Snap contained, it could have just been Obama with a dog face, his way of reaching out to Putin and saying ‘God, it’s lonely at the top, isn’t it? Now, how funny do I look with dog ears and a big tongue?’ Let’s not panic about this,” shared commentator Henrietta Norris.

There is some hope in Russia circles that Putin was simply taking a day off the app as he’s sick of seeing the same 4 or 5 people send Snapchats all day long.