Majority Of Owners Still Refusing To Pay Their Dogs Minimum Wage


A SHOCKING study carried by WWN in conjunction with the Irish Institute for Research of Studies has revealed that the majority of the Nation’s dog owners are still refusing to pay their dogs minimum wage despite the fact dogs carry out a variety of tasks for them every day.

“Do they honestly think I chase that tennis ball for the fun of it?” Max, a 3-year-old Alsatian shared with WWN, “I thought that was something I needed to do to earn my keep. I’m a solid worker, so you tell me to ‘go get it’, I’ll do it, no questions asked. I’m a good boy”.

The frustration felt by many dogs can be best exemplified by the fact that they are consistently bringing their owners out for extensive walks, always at the owner’s suggestion, but never receive payment for the work they do.

“Old fatso over there has shed a few pounds thanks to the walks I bring him on, and I’ve heard of personal trainers earning €70 an hour for that sort of stuff, we’re being exploited and robbed blind,” Max added.

While Irish dogs have yet to unionise and seek out the arbitration of the Labour Courts, the insistence from owners that dogs are undeserving of any renumeration could be the tipping point.

“Day in, day out, I’m being told I’m a good boy, but I’m not seeing that faith rewarded with anything other than the odd treat, this exploitation has to stop,” added Max, who is regularly drafted in as a babysitter for the two young children belonging to his owners.