Noonan To Rehearse Budget Speech In Local Comedy Club


“IT’S good to shake the cobwebs off when trying out new material”

Minister for finance Michael Noonan shared his thoughts with us backstage at Waterford’s Giggle Fits comedy night as he used the evening to rehearse new and challenging material.

“I know the audience in the Dáil are always like pussy cats, they lap it up, no matter what I say, so I’m here to get out of my comfort zone. Try a more hostile crowd,” the unintentional funny man explained.

There was a record crowd at Giggle Fits, with many members of the public keen to hear the biggest and best jokes about the state of Ireland’s economy.

“Have you heard the one about strong economic growth and a recovery for all,” Noonan opened to rapturous boos and rotten fruit throwing from the crowd that have had enough of how ‘shit things have gotten’.

“Ok, let me see, have you heard the one about the electorate who have an unrealistic expectation of how life shouldn’t be a never ending barrage of suffering,” the Limerick TD quipped, falling back on some of his more tried and tested material.

Despite the joker’s best efforts, it seemed he had lost the crowd for good, not the ideal preparation for tomorrow’s big gig.

“And not everyone feels the recovery, it is this government’s hope that more and more people will benefit,” Noonan delivered to silence.

“Seriously, is this thing on?” Noonan added before being escorted off stage by security for his own safety.

The comedian next performs tomorrow afternoon in Leinster House.