Only So Much You Can Do For Some People, Finds Report


NEW research emerging from a five-year study has revealed that there are some people in this world that you can only help so much before you have to leave them to sort things out for themselves.

The globally conducted study confirmed that while many believe they are doing their best to help friends, relatives or co-workers, the offer of help can irk the intended recipient to the point where they lash out and tell you to ‘go fuck yourself’.

Although it may be in your nature to try and offer suggestions as to how someone can improve a situation they’ve found themselves in, this new report stresses that there are people that will only be annoyed by this, and in some cases you’re just going to have to stand back and let them sort their own lives out while you watch helplessly from the sidelines.

“A typical case might be where someone is battling with personal demons, and desperately in need of assistance from the people in their lives,” said James Bannon, chief researcher at the Horse2Water committee.

“You can try as you might to get them the help they need, but at the end of the day all they might see is someone ‘lording over them’ and lash out at them. It’s a shame, but our research shows that after years of this behaviour, you may just have to step back and leave them to it”.

Bannon went on to stress that while you may not have the skills to be able to help the person in need yourself, professional services such as YourMentalHealth.IE will be of great use to them.