Property: Save Money On Rent Through Synchronised Jumping


CRIPPLED by rents in the capital? One letting agency has come up with an innovative way to cut down on your accommodation costs, through the practice of synchronised jumping.

Estate agents McMilligan & Howe have begun letting out 1 and 2 bedroom apartments at below-market prices to residents who agree to spend their time in the properties leaping around in unison, under the rationale that the more people are airborne, the more people save.

By adopting the practice of synchronised jumping, up to 7 people can share a 2-bedroom flat, and up to 18 can live together in a 3-bedroom house.

Doing so can lower rent costs by up to 15%, and early adopters of the practice have said that once you get used to timing your leaps, you barely notice that there’s anyone in the house with you at all.

“I live with 4 other lads in a one bedroom flat,” said Kian Fenlon, a 21-year-old student currently living in Dublin.

“We jump and duck and bounce and pirouette through the air, to the point where we hardly touch or notice each other. There’s a meter on the floor that keeps track of how many people are on the ground at any given time, and once there’s at least three out of the five of us in the air at all times, we can afford to stay in this tiny ground floor flat without racking up a lifetime of debt”.

McMilligan & Howe are hoping to roll the scheme out to properties across the country, with rumours that the government may be looking at syncronised jumping as a way to curb the rising homelessness figures.