“Ah Jaysis No, Prison Is Grand. Don’t Worry About Me At All” – Ibrahim Halawa


“Seriously, I’m fine. I don’t know what all the fuss is about,” a happy and healthy looking Ibrahim Halawa insisted in an exclusive interview with WWN this week.

The 20-year-old Irish man jailed in Egypt for the last 1,000 days as he awaits trial and a potential death penalty has said his incarceration was grand and his only wish is for everybody at home to stop fussing over him.

“Ah Jaysis no, prison is grand sure. Don’t worry about me at all,” he said, speaking from his overcrowded cell. “The lads here are pure sound and mad for the bit of craic. Once you get over the sweltering heat, the disease ridden inmates, rape, murders and the food, it’s like being on a beach in Howth. Plus, you wouldn’t feel the time going in here”.

Arrested in Cairo in the midst of protests over the ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo, he has been held without trial for almost three years and is due to face justice as part of a mass trial in late June.

“Hopefully they don’t sentence me to death,” added Ibrahim. “Mad to watch Better call Saul. Is it any good? Don’t tell me. I’d murder a garlic cheese chip right now. Are Dublin doing well in the GAA?”.

Mr. Halawa was just 17 when he was detained while taking refuge in a mosque near Cairo’s Ramses Square as a “day of rage” was held over the removal of president Mohamed Morsi.

“I suppose, if I was to go back and change anything, it would probably be my name by deed poll,” he concluded. “Just my last name to O’Brien or Murphy or something. You know; to get the bit of support from the lads back home”.

The mass trial he is facing, along with more than 400 others, has been repeatedly postponed since his detention in 2013.