4 Mistakes We All Make When Choosing Insurance Providers


YOU don’t need insurance until you need insurance or so the sinister, almost threatening phrase goes. And as much as we’re forced into getting insurance for our homes, health and cars, we’ve only ourselves to blame when we realise we’ve just €500 on absolutely fuck all coverage. Here’s four mistakes everyone makes when signing up with a provider:

1) A common enough mistake, but you should stop choosing the shitty insurance companies that are only out to exploit you with price hikes, hidden fees or such basic coverage that it doesn’t make sense to claim. The near endless number of insurance companies out there means there must be at least one entity which probably isn’t out to screw you over. Do your research. It may take 4 weeks of uninterrupted searching, but you’ll have no one but yourself to blame if you get it wrong.

2) Taking what insurance providers say at face value. ‘Hassle free’, ‘no problem’, ‘better than our competitors’, ‘hello’, these are all phrases specially designed in a state of the art sales laboratories to lead you to believe insurance salespeople are real people. But the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. It is normally advised that you should second guess certain people’s motives, but in the case of insurance companies it’s important to third, fourth, fifth and sixth guess them to make sure you get the best deal for yourself. Such intense levels of second-guessing can cause a stroke so beware.

3) Not reading every last bit of the terms and conditions of the policies available at the 54 different insurance providers you’ve been in touch with is unforgivable. Come on, we know choosing the right policy can be problematic, but it’s just lazy of you not to read every last detail of all policies on offer with all insurance companies. It’s almost like you want to be ripped off.

4) Be it travel, home or motor insurance, when searching online there’s that one little box we all forget to tick which comes back to bite us in the behind. Next to the ‘tick to confirm you’ve read the terms and conditions’ is the ‘tick if you don’t want to tick the next box which you should tick if you don’t want to not be possibly fucked over’ box. Eyes open people.