Farmers Enter Peak “Giving Out” Season


WITH silage season drawing to a close, farmers across the country are to spend the next 8 weeks complaining about everything before the onset of winter brings them back to their daily activities again.

As the summer months are normally taken up with crop harvesting and silage cutting, and the winter is a busy time when it comes to tending to livestock, farmers need to set aside time to properly get up in everyone’s face about how tough it is to be a farmer and how they deserve more recognition and money.

“Giving out” season traditionally takes place annually between September and October, although there have been occasional instances of short giving out seasons mid-year. Farmers use the time to gripe and moan about how poor they are, cuts in subsidies, quotas, and basically anything they feel they’re aggrieved by.

Hoping to match the fury of protests currently taking place by farmers in Belgium, agricultural workers across Ireland have started bitching about nearly a year’s worth of pent-up complaints and grievances.

“It’s looking like a grand giving out season this year,” said John O’Hanlon, dairy farmer and cranky bastard.

“Lots of good weather, which will let us stand by the side of the road and talk to people, giving out about how farmers are the worst-off people in the country. I’d say we’ll get up to Dublin in the tractors as well to have a massive protest rally about something, I’m not sure what yet. In fact, if the evenings stay like this, we might get two protest rallies this year”.