Google Translate Launch ‘Culchie’ Option


AMERICAN multinational technology company, Google, has announced they are updating their search engine translate option this week with several new languages, including the rural Irish dialect of ‘Culchie’.

In a brief but informative conference in California, CEO Sundar Pichai said the company is expanding the Google translate feature to cater for lesser known languages contained within certain English speaking countries across the world.

Culchie is believed to be spoken by a large number of Irish people in regions outside Dublin, but just as many Irish men and women have no working knowledge of the bizarre and impenetrable dialect.

“We realise that there are many variations of the same language so it brings me great honour to roll out this incredible new feature,” Pichai told those in attendance at the conference.

At home in the nation’s capital, dozens of metropolitan Dublin natives have welcomed the news.

“Ah bleedin’ Jaysis wha’?” said one man, who was waiting for the Luas to work. “Tis abou’ time an’all dey started translatin’ dose backward bleedin’ boggers. Sure yis wouldn’t be knowin’ wha’ dey be sayin’ at’all at’ll”.

School students in the Dublin area have welcomed the new feature as they will now be able to understand their teachers while seasoned criminals have personally thanked Google as they will be able to understand their arresting officers.

“Don’t know wha’ I’m being fookin’ arrested fur half de time with these bleedin’ muck savages shouting in me ear abou’ farms or Supermacs or whatever,” added one hardened Dublin criminal.

Along with the Culchie dialect, Google announced it will also roll out ‘Northerner’, ‘Scouse’ and ‘Cockney’ for the UK.