€366,000 RTÉ Wardrobe Bill Spent Mainly In Penneys



SOME members of the public have reacted angrily to news that state broadcaster RTÉ spent €366,000 on clothes for their top stars last year.

RTÉ have defended the splurge, however, claiming all clothes were bought in Penneys.

“Look, I understand the anger some people are reacting with but c’mon we’ve all been there,” head of RTÉ’s costume department Noel Gillen explained, “you just pop into Penneys for a quick gander and before you know it you’ve bought half the shop”.

In fact, RTÉ did use some of the €366,000 spend to purchase a 50% stake in Penneys on Mary Street in Dublin’s city centre.

RTÉ’s news team had the highest spend at over €60,000 with much of the cost being put down to Bryan Dobson’s ‘one and done’ rule.

“Bryan demands a fresh pair of underwear every day and knowing Bryan’s temper like I do, I tend to give in to his requests rather than face the wrath,” added Gillen, “I know my place. Plain white y-fronts arrive in his dressing room at 7am every morning or he says he will do the news nude”.

Gillen was unrepentant when asked if he would attempt to curb wardrobe spend in the future.

“Ah, you can never have enough pairs of flats or wedges and then there’s the scarves coming into winter and have you seen that Ghostbusters T-shirt? It’s gas,” Gillen added as he filled up the boot of his car with yet more clothes for RTÉ biggest and brightest stars.