“I bet everyone thinks I’m really important now.” says guy who hangs suit in back of car


A GALWAY city man said today that everyone thinks he’s really important now for hanging his suit and shirt in the back of his 2004 3 series BMW.

Fintan Casey, who is currently unemployed, told WWN earlier that the suit has been just hanging there for over 7 years, and feels it would be harmful to his reputation if he took it down.

“I know when people pass my car they think: ‘wow, that guy must have a really important job or something’,” said the 42-year-old. “Little do they know I’m actually on the scratcher for the past five years.”

Mr.Casey was let go from a managerial position in a local call centre in 2008, due to poor attendance and failed targets.

“If I’m honest; I outgrew the company and was destined for bigger things.” he added. “Unfortunately the downturn fucked my plans to up my own call-centre.”

Since leaving, the great grandson of eight has not applied for any work, stating that there’s nothing out there good enough for him to do.

“Me bollocks if I’m going to work in McDonald’s or some stupid cafe. Those jobs are only for foreign people who can’t get the dole.”

Mr. Casey said he likes to park his car up outside his favourite coffee shop on dole day and watch on at peoples reactions as they pass it; wondering about the owner of the hanging suit inside.

“They probably think I’m a doctor or an accountant or something.” he concluded, while sipping his espresso. “You can’t beat that feeling of accomplishment.”