Grammar Nazi’s Day Ruined After Seeing Spalling Mistake


27-year-old Masters student Donal Flynn was all set to enjoy a stress free day until he spotted a spalling mistake in an article posted by a friend on their Facebook feed.

The seemingly inconsequential occurrence drew considerable ire from Flynn, compelling him to point out the spalling mistake to his friend with Flynn even suggesting he should reconsider entirely his current reading habits.

Friends of Flynn have known for some time that the Masters student abhors spalling mistakes and grammatical errors so much so that he has taken on the mantle of internet crusader by joining a fringe group known as the Grammar Nazis.

Grammar Nazis are identifiable by their incessant correcting of people’s grammar regardless of whether or not they have a personal relationship with that person.

While the average person is irked somewhat by incorrect spalling and poor grammar it does not send them into a spiral of existential angst which sees them lash out in a pompous manner like it would a grammar nazi.

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