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Child Asks Santa For Beheaded Man Like They Saw On YouTube

WATERFORD parents Killian and Sharon Denning have solved the mystery of the ‘man whose head comes off’ toy that featured in their 6-year-old son’s Santa letter this year, after noticing the child watching graphic beheading videos during his daily 8-hour iPad sessions. Like the majority of parents, the Dennings usually hand their young child an… Read more »

Santa Has Sack Torn In Workshop Accident

FATHER Christmas has been rushed to elf accident and emergency following an incident in his workshop where it is believed he tore a huge gash in his beloved sack. Santa, currently old as time itself, was said to be working quadruple overtime ahead of the peak Christmas rush when the accident occurred, as his bright… Read more »

Child’s Letter To Santa Full Of Veiled Threats

 The excitement and anticipation surrounding Christmas is well and truly underway in these, the first few days of December.Homes up and down the country will be kitted out with decorations and an excessively large tree in the coming days. The O’Malley household in Drogheda, Louth will be no exception. Conor O’Malley, the youngest in his… Read more »