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Remember The 1.1m Soviet Soldiers Who Died At Stalingrad With This Delicious Pancake Recipe

JULY 28TH, 1942. Joseph Stalin issues ‘Order number. 227’, a military decision that declared that¬†his forces would take ‘not one more step back’ from the advancing Nazi army that had swept east out of Germany into the heart of Russia. By August, the Germans had reached the city where the Red army were to make… Read more »

Russia Begins Grooming Bruno Mars For US Presidency

IDENTIFYING his awful music’s unique ability to divide opinion and stokes divisions in America and around the world, Russian secret service operatives have confirmed multiple Grammy winner Bruno Mars could be the ideal successor to current undercover agent, Donald Trump. “We have not seen people love and hate something or someone so much since dear… Read more »

Putin Celebrates Landslide 2018 Presidential Election Victory

CELEBRATIONS have begun among the members of the United Russian political party, following current premier Vladimir Putin’s decision to win next year’s presidential elections by a landslide margin. Putin, who has held the position of either president or prime minister of the Russian Federation for over 17 years, made the announcement yesterday that he would… Read more »

Putin Might Take Over Poland While He’s At It

Numerous media outlets are reporting Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has decided he might as well invade other countries while he’s at it. Following the successful annexation of Crimea it is believed Vladimir Putin has developed a fondness for entering sovereign nations and doing whatever he wants to do. “Well, we do have the whole… Read more »