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5 Things Not In The Mueller Report

WITH THE long awaited publication of the Mueller Report, is US Attorney General William Barr hiding something from the US public in those redacted passages? Legal scholars and experts will debate the rationale surrounding Barr’s conclusions on the report ahead of a response from Congress. But for now, we look into the 5 things not… Read more »

5 Worst Things Assange Did In The Ecuadorian Embassy

REPORTS have emerged surrounding the behaviour of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange during his 7-year stay in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, including instances of faecal-wall smearage, and it doesn’t stop there. Here’s 5 more anti-social things that prompted the Ecuadorians to say bye-bye and hand Assange over to UK authorities: 1) Left shavings in the… Read more »

Mueller Report Redacted Using Crayon

THE IMPENDING publication, by the US Department of Justice, of a redacted version of the Mueller Report has been welcomed by some Democrats, while others have expressed their concern over what exactly is being presented to the American people. “An advanced copy has been made available to me by the president, but my suspicions of… Read more »