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Fight For Venezuela’s Future Below In The Comments

AS THE INTERNATIONAL community’s endorsement and support for self-proclaimed Venezuelan president Juan Guaido continues, and criticism of American led interference in the affairs of a sovereign nation grows, WWN appeals to its readers to conclusively improve the circumstances of the Venezuelan people and solve the unrest by calling each other ‘evil capitalist cranks’ and ‘stupid… Read more »

Knowing Which Useless Opposition Party Is Right For You

HAVE you lost all faith in the mighty Fine Gael led minority government or have you been wise to their underhanded, under-performing and over-promising ways since the very start? Either way you’re probably in the market for a new party to reluctantly vote for when it comes time for feeling completely disenfranchised again at the… Read more »

Trump Secures Funding For US-Mexico Hedge

US President Donald Trump has finally secured funding for his long-promised border hedge with Mexico, after securing almost $1.4bn from congress. The agreement is set to avert a further shuttering of government services, following a month on shutdown at the start of the year as both sides of the house stood their ground on the… Read more »

Taoiseach ‘Surprised’ To Hear He Has The Competence Level Of A Paraplegic Sloth

LEO Varadkar may be Taoiseach, but a new report into his current level of capabilities shows that he has the competence level of a paraplegic sloth, WWN can confirm. The Taoiseach was one of several high-profile politicians who had their competence levels calculated as part of RTÉ’s flagship health show ‘Operation Politician’, with Minister for Health Simon Harris,… Read more »