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Fate Of World Hangs On Trump-Kim Pie Eating Contest

THE meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean premier Kim Jong-Un has gone about as well as could be expected, with the pair now engaged in a raspberry pie eat-off to determine the outcome of key nuclear disarmament issues that plague the very fate of humanity. Delegates in Vietnam had feared that the… Read more »

Kim Jong-Un Suspiciously Quiet These Days

IN RECENT days, leading observers of international politics have slowly come to the realisation that “shit, wait, it’s probably not a good thing Kim Jong Un hasn’t been in the news the last few weeks and months”, raising suspicions around the world as a result. Jong Un, head of the hermit state North Korea, has… Read more »

North Korea Introduces New Senior Advisor

NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has unveiled his new senior advisor, Steve Bannon, who he claims will help his country to achieve a new level of prosperity under the banner ‘Make North Korea Great Again, Not That It Was Ever Anything Less Than Great To Begin With’. Smiling and wearing a red ‘MNKGANTIWEALTGTBW’ baseball cap,… Read more »

World Secretly Rooting For North Korea On This One

WITH the threat of nuclear conflict between the United States and North Korea increasing following the latest bout of chest-bumping between Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump, a new poll has shown that huge numbers of people are starting to really get behind the plucky little rogue state. The David and Goliath saga took a fresh… Read more »