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Garda Commissioner Under Pressure To Be Good At His Job

Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan is said to be on the verge of resigning from his position after a number of politicians suggested he should apologise for remarks made about the recent Garda whistleblowers. Leading Government Ministers have gone even further, demanding that Commissioner Callinan start carrying out his duties to the standard expected of him…. Read more »

Rent Levels In Dublin At Historic ‘Taking The Piss’ Levels

Results from the latest Private Residential Tenancies Boards and the ERSI Rent Index have shown that the Nation’s capital, Dublin saw rents rise by as much as 7.6-taking-the-piss percent. While the general feeling around the rest of the country is to quietly laugh at Dublin’s rental predicament, apartments in Dublin saw an even bigger climb… Read more »

The MH370 Missing Plane Theory You Don’t Need To Read

WWN brings you the latest on idle speculation regarding the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, which has now been missing and unaccounted for since the 8th of March. We have reached out to countless people looking for theories. What do we know for sure? We know that the plane was hijacked using a mobile phone, it… Read more »

Post Paddy’s Day Come Down Expected To Last The Rest Of The Week

Students, young professionals, unemployed people, children and the homeless are said to be fairly fucking bolloxed after partaking in a thoroughly enjoyable St. Patrick’s weekend, culminating yesterday with the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. Productivity throughout the country is verging on the comically low as everyone halfheartedly pretends they are going to put the effort… Read more »

You Are Drunk

WWN can reveal after carrying out an extensive survey of the Irish public, chances are you are probably quite drunk right now at this very moment. It is thought that the vast majority of Irish men are currently urinating in public while Irish women look on in envious horror. A total of 15% of the… Read more »