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Heavy Drinkers Evolve To Grow Second, Spare Liver

IRISH doctors have heralded the evolution of some test subjects who have grown a second liver to compensate for their heavy drinking which was previously wreaking havoc on their bodies, WWN has learned. With 3 alcohol related deaths occurring in Ireland everyday, some heavy drinkers have accelerated the rate of their physiological evolution to grow… Read more »

Weetabix Unveil New Weedabix For Stoners

IN an attempt to corner the market and become the breakfast of choice among stoners, Weetabix is set to begin producing a weed-packed version of its fibre rich wholegrain meal. While Weetabix Original requires the sort of low-key effort to make that stoners so love, Weedabix is set to make the product even more tantalising… Read more »