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Google Unveils New Auto-Complete Feature For Your Thoughts

GOOGLE has unveiled a helpful tool that will bring an end to the laborious and onerous task typing search terms, general queries and websites into its search engines. The tech giant’s new Auto-Thought feature which was installed earlier today has transformed everyone’s phones, laptops and tablet devices by allowing the transposing of people’s thoughts directly… Read more »

Man Disguises Crushing Loneliness With ‘Fun Selfie’

A LOCAL man has attempted to disguise his crushing and continuing loneliness by taking one of those ‘fun selfies’ he has observed family, friends, coworkers and people he doesn’t even know taking and posting on social media. James Cashin (27), who previously had no idea how lonely he was until he discovered how happy people… Read more »

Galway Baby Born With Gills

EVOLUTION has taken another leap forward, with the announcement that a baby born to an Oranmore couple has been found to have a pair of gills, perfect for helping it survive in the almost 100% water atmosphere of the Galway region. Little Petey Henson baffled midwives and doctors following his birth after the discovery of… Read more »