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Is Shamima Begum Momo? Sure, Why Not

UNSURE as to which vaguely threatening female internet sensation to create scaremongering articles about this week, the media has decided to run with stories that combine the mythology of brainwashed ISIS teen bride Shamima Begum and spooky YouTube banshee Momo, and who are we at WWN to not follow suit. Following discussions in newsrooms around… Read more »

Brexit: What If It Works?

UNCERTAINTY still haunts the UK’s impending exit from the EU, with fears that a no-deal Brexit will cause unending economic misery to not just the population of Great Britain, but also to the greater Eurozone as shockwaves rupture through the markets. But one political expert has envisioned an even worse fate than a no-deal exit; the… Read more »

Local Boyfriend Taking Ages To Get Ready

LONG SUFFERING girlfriend Andrea Hines is having her patience sorely tested this evening by her boyfriend Ciaran Connell, WWN can reveal. Ciaran’s habit of uttering the phrase ‘yeah, be ready in five minutes’ is putting the couple at risk of starting their weekend off with an argument as Hines fears a repeat of a recent… Read more »