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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Pictured Walking On Water

AS Manchester United supporters try to comes to terms with their side’s monumental, history-making comeback against PSG last night, manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was pictured taking a relaxing stroll this morning across a body of water. Solksjaer’s impressive start to his career as United manager could see him appointed to the position full time, but… Read more »

How To Break It To Martin And Eimear That They’re Not A ‘Power Couple’

ALL across Ireland, groups of friends are suffering needlessly through their acquaintance with insufferable couples who post their every move on Facebook and Instagram as if they’re some form of ‘power couple’. To this, we say suffer no more! The phenomenon of the ‘Power Couple’ has grown in recent years, from genuinely powerful and successful celebrity… Read more »

New Drink Driving Lanes Proposed In Ireland

A NEW bill which will allocate a dedicated drink driving lane on all primary and secondary roads around the country is expected to be passed in the Dáil tomorrow afternoon, WWN can confirm. The segregated lane will feature sophisticated crash barriers that absorb high speed impacts, allowing intoxicated motorists willing to take their own lives into their hands to drive separately from sober lanes without… Read more »