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Indiana Jones Movies Banned From TV Over Concerns They Promote Violence Against Nazis

THE much-loved Indiana Jones series of movies will be absent from TV screens this Christmas, after several far-right groups claimed that the whip-cracking archaeological adventures paint the Nazi party in an incredibly bad light, and may incite hatred and violence against the organisation. Although the movies starring Harrison Ford have featured Dr. Henry ‘Indiana’ Jones… Read more »

“I’m A Real Boy,” Confirms Tubridy

AHEAD of this year’s Late Late Toy Show extravaganza host Ryan Tubridy spoke exclusively to RTÉ, because that’s who he is directly employed by and from a marketing and branding perspective it makes no sense whatsoever to give a rival broadcaster or publication the exclusive, obviously. However, WWN put its ears to the window of… Read more »

Ballybrack FC To Save Face By Having Fernando Killed

FERNANDO Lafuente Saiz has been placed in protective custody amid fears that the management of Ballybrack FC may attempt to repair their tattered reputation by bumping him off, after fraudulently claiming that the young man was dead earlier this week. The bizarre story of how Ballybrack FC avoided a match against Arklow by claiming that… Read more »

Shocking 5 Out Of Every 5 Irish People Living Abroad Are Migrants

A SHOCKING new survey on Irish citizens living abroad has found that a staggering 5 out of every 5 of them are classed as ‘migrants’, sparking confusion among the anti-migrant community here at home. Furthermore, the survey also found the overwhelming majority of Irish migrants living abroad were Caucasian, and much like foreign migrants living in Ireland, had similar reasons… Read more »

McGregor Definitely Learns Lesson This Time

LEGAL, MORAL and sporting experts have gathered together, unified in the opinion that UFC fighter Conor McGregor has definitely learned his lesson this time after his latest brush with the law. Staking their reputations on the matter, the experts said it was ludicrous to suggest McGregor’s name would appear in the papers in the future… Read more »

Hurling Thinks It’s Great Now

HURLING AND CAMOGIE have been formally added to UNESCO’s list of protected cultural activities, an act which has seen the sport, among the oldest in world, think it’s just great now altogether. The chest-beating levels of patriotism the sport often elicits on All Ireland final day is set to quadruple now off the back of… Read more »