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Fucking Banklink Only Gives Fifties

WATERFORD residents down to the last 30 euro in their accounts before payday have been warned that the banklink on Meagher’s Quay only has 50 euro notes, and is liable to catch you out when you badly need to withdraw a twenty. Locals were first made aware of the ‘withdrawals in multiples of 50 euro only’… Read more »

Stunning Musical Based On The ‘SpongeBob’ Meme Opens On Broadway

WITH lyrics and music by Hamilton writer Lin-Manuel Miranda, the ever popular ‘Mocking SpongeBob’ meme and its accompanying musical is a delight and triumph from its opening notes. The Laura Pels Theatre was packed and purred with anticipation as Miranda brought the meme, used to rebuff stupid opinions by pairing an image of SpongeBob Square… Read more »