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Man With Official Looking Badge Convinced He Is Important

Wicklow Man Ross Filan took to the streets of Arklow today to inform people of his inherent importance. Mr. Filan, a 31-year-old health and safety officer, began restricting people’s access to Wong’s takeaway on Arklow main street by producing a shiny badge. Mr. Filan freely brandished his impressive state accredited health and safety ID to… Read more »

Richard Dawkins Doesn’t Exist, Claim Christians

A small group of fervent Christians have today announced that international best selling author and prominent atheist Richard Dawkins does not exist. What at first appeared to be an unlikely news story has quickly grown into the top international news story in many countries. The author of The God Delusion and several other books has… Read more »

Man Talking On Phone Frantically Looking For Phone

 An Ennis man has admitted himself to a psychiatric ward following an incident earlier today. Tom Early, a 34-year-old electrician, was on the phone with his brother, Martin, discussing last night’s football when he realised he couldn’t find his phone. Passing it off as nothing to worry about initially, Tom decided not to trouble his… Read more »