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Culchie Can’t Get Over The Traffic In Dublin

DESPITE having cause to travel to and from Dublin at least 30 times a year, once local culchie is struggling to comprehend and absorb the high volume levels of traffic in the capital city, WWN can reveal. “Fucking hell, look at the tailback,” John Meaden, a 41-year-old Waterford culchie noted as he turned his car… Read more »

Boris Johnson Got Dressed All By Himself This Morning

DIVISIVE TORY politician Boris Johnson is now the overwhelming favourite to usurp British PM Theresa May after it was revealed Johnson expertly got dressed all by himself without any help from anyone else, WWN can reveal. Pictured yesterday jogging in a field of wheat, Johnson’s pairing of a zip fleece and patterned shorts led many… Read more »

America At It Again

YET MORE evidence emerging from the United States of America suggests they are ‘at it again’, WWN can confirm. A deluge of separate news items emanating from nation over the course of the last few days have coagulated together, forming a very substantive reminder of the fact you can’t even take your eyes off America… Read more »